Recommendations from Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals Mt Pleasant SC

If you’re into fashion, you’re probably proud of your wardrobe. Do you have a dog from your veterinarian or veterinary clinic? If so, you’d better take a second look at your pet’s wardrobe. There you are, walking around dressed to the nines, while Fifi goes virtually naked to the vet clinic! A fancy collar just doesn’t cut it these days in the world of dog fashion. So what do you need to present a fashionable face in the world and the staff at the animal hospital? Designer dog clothes are just a click away!

It’s time to get into the 21st century. You may be watching the fashion runways in Paris and Milan with bated breath, but are you aware that there are dog fashion shows too? Yes, indeed, ask your neighborhood vet clinic. Designer dog clothes are introduced with the same regularity as designer clothes for people. It can be just as much fun, if not more, to set out to outfit your dog with the latest designer dog clothes, fresh off the runway!

Do a Google search: boutiques designer vet clinic dog clothes is a good place to start. Yes, just as you enjoy shopping the boutiques, the world of dog clothing has exploded in the last several years as noticed by most veterinarians and boarding kennels. Have you and your dog been invited to a posh party? Your costume of choice is stunning, but what’s Rover or Fifi got in the closet? Did you know that you can purchase a tux for your dog? Oh yes, you can and some boarding kennels have them for sale. If your any kind of fashionista, you’d better show up with an appropriately dressed pooch if you want to retain your social standing! Find local veterinary clinics to shop at here:

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals Mt Pleasant SC

Click through and peruse the various collections. When you find some attractive offerings, request the vendor’s catalog. You may be amazed at the scope of available dog couture. In addition to the dog tux, there’s casual seasonal wear, including raincoats equipped with faux-fur lined hoods, booties for cold winter days, ‘personality t-shirts’, and tank tops for the well dressed dog. When it gets really cold, consider the cashmere dog sweater. No kidding. Designer dog clothes seen by veterinarians and animal hospitals include vintage and retro clothing. Now, that’s a fashion find!

Now, you can’t stop here. You wouldn’t buy a designer dress for yourself without working in accessories, right? Collars, barrettes, necklets and sneakers are just a few of the accessories available at the designer dog clothes boutiques or veterinary clinics. Hats and over sized sunglasses are all big pluses for your dog’s wardrobe. Indulge your pet and yourself. See if your favorite dog boarding kennel sponsors dog fashion shows.

If you’ve got the tiniest bit of reservation about the expense of properly outfitting your BFF dog, think of the social advantages to yourself. Your dog, properly costumed with designer dog clothes, is bound to attract attention, especially when visiting a veterinarian or veterinary clinic. Think of how many new people you may meet, purely out of curiosity or admiration of your dog’s appearance. Human fashionistas may be found in abundance, but how many well-dressed canines have you met lately?

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